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A true designers choice of fine art Images By KERRY

EPIC services:

Commissioned Fine Art  Photography, Full Production,Logistics, Install

Art Consulting, Design Service, Project Management, Budgeting, Layout.

Vending, Procurement, Purchasing

Don’t see anything here at Epic Fine Art that fills your walls ?

I can personally help you purchase fine art.

Epic will do full production third party images with clearance and project manage your art needs

Shameless tagging:

Murals,National Art, Regional Art, Local Art, Fine Art, Giclee, Acrylic, Canvas, Wrapped Canvas,

Aluminum Print,

Hotel Artwork, Hospital Artwork, Healthcare Artwork, Medical Artwork, Senior Living Artwork, Assisted Living Artwork, Skilled Nursing Facility Artwork, Commercial Artwork, Restaurant Artwork,

kerry: epicfineart@gmail.com

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