EPIC is the full production, gallery fine art brand exclusively designated for the quality driven hospitality procurement / FF & E interior design trade.

Direct procurement and collaboration with EPIC creates many time & budgetary advantages. This solves communications errors and cuts turnaround time generated by third parties. EPIC offers your team unparalleled control for a seamless art procurement process and designers services with the proven expertise of many completed hospitality and commercial interior design projects. 

The Epic portfolio contains fine art images that are specifically created for designers that require high volumes of similar pieces in size and image with value driven budgets.

We offer your image selection on mat & frame with preset quantity, sizes and substrates to further simplify the process.

Image usage and commissioned “Regional & Historic specific” Epic fine art quoted on request.


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EPIC services include:

Commissioned Fine Art  Photography

Art Consulting, Design Service, Project Management, Budgeting, Layout.

Purchasing, Vending Liaison